Preference votes

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Constituency of Namen

Counting status : full - Renewed at
1DISPA Benoît8.21019,92%6.74514.9555631
2BAZELAIRE Charlotte4.96012,03%5635.5230
3GILON Christophe2.5026,07%02.5020
4SPINEUX Laurie2.8366,88%02.8360
5COLLARD-BOVY Pierre2.1595,24%02.1590
6PLOMTEUX Christelle2.9077,05%02.9070
7DELFORGE Yves2.8786,98%02.8780
1MOINNET-JOIRET Isabelle2.9747,22%11.10914.08301
2MATTART Philippe1.3633,31%01.36305
3KLEIN Dorothée2.3115,61%02.31103
4VAUTARD Philippe1.2653,07%01.26507
5MINEUR-CRÉMERS Bernadette1.6894,10%01.68904
6WEVERBERGH Dany1.3173,20%01.31706
7LAZARON Geneviève3.8439,32%03.84302
IThe number of ballots allotted to the candidates by devolution to the amount of what is necessary to reach the eligibility threshold.
IITotal amount of votes obtained by the candidates after devolution.
IIIAmount of ballots remaining for distribution by devolution.
IVNomination and classification of elected officials.
%The proportion of preference votes received by the candidate compared to the total number of preference votes received by all candidates of their affiliated party.
Additional information
ANumber of seats the lists has won1
BTotal number of header votes for the list11.804
CTotal number of ballots with only titular votes10.414
DTotal numnber of ballots with titular and substitutes votes4.880
ETotal number of ballots with one or more substitutes votes2.812
FStemcijfer van de lijst (B + C + D + E)29.910
GVerkiesbaarheidscijfer (F : (A + 1))14.955
H(Halve) pot titularissen (B + E) / 27.308
I(Halve) pot opvolgers (B + C) / 211.109