Most popular candidates

This page displays the most popular candidates of Belgium or within a constituency. The ranking is based on the highest number of preference votes received by the candidate.


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CandidatesPartyVotes%Count completedEntity
1JAMBON JanN-VA187.82616,25 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
2DI RUPO ElioPS125.00917,11 %YesConstituency of Hainaut
3FRANCKEN TheoN-VA122.73817,20 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
4VAN GRIEKEN TomVLAAMS BELANG122.23210,57 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
5DE CROO AlexanderOpen Vld80.2838,04 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
6DEMIR ZuhalN-VA61.44411,07 %YesConstituency of Limburg
7CROMBEZ Johnsp.a55.6786,90 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
8DAERDEN FrédéricPS54.8988,87 %YesConstituency of Liège
9HEDEBOUW RaoulPTB49.8528,05 %YesConstituency of Liège
10BOGAERT HendrikCD&V48.4216,00 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
11BEKE WouterCD&V46.9408,46 %YesConstituency of Limburg
12MERTENS PeterPVDA46.8024,05 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
13GEENS KoenCD&V45.9626,44 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
14LOONES SanderN-VA44.0705,47 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
15PAS BarbaraVLAAMS BELANG41.9114,20 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
16VAN PEEL ValerieN-VA41.3203,57 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
17DE BLOCK MaggieOpen Vld40.8195,72 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
18DEDECKER Jean-MarieN-VA40.7815,06 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
19VAN QUICKENBORNE VincentOpen Vld40.2925,00 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
20VAN LANGENHOVE DriesVLAAMS BELANG39.2955,51 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
21CALVO KristofGROEN39.2163,39 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
22VAN BOSSUYT AnneleenN-VA37.5103,76 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
23VERHERSTRAETEN ServaisCD&V36.4643,15 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
24DE CREM PieterCD&V36.1183,62 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
25MICHEL CharlesMR35.06214,18 %YesConstituency of Walloon Brabant
26REYNDERS DidierMR33.2056,45 %YesConstituency of Brussels-Capital
27KITIR Meryamesp.a31.8165,73 %YesConstituency of Limburg
28PREVOT MaximeCDH31.75710,42 %YesConstituency of Namur
29LAAOUEJ AhmedPS31.5896,14 %YesConstituency of Brussels-Capital
30D'HAESE ChristophN-VA31.3703,14 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
31VERMEERSCH WouterVLAAMS BELANG31.1273,86 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
32KHATTABI ZakiaECOLO29.1575,66 %YesConstituency of Brussels-Capital
33PONTHIER AnnickVLAAMS BELANG27.4924,95 %YesConstituency of Limburg
34BACQUELAINE DanielMR27.2204,40 %YesConstituency of Liège
35KHERBACHE Yasminesp.a26.9012,33 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
36DE ROOVER PeterN-VA26.6092,30 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
37DEWAEL PatrickOpen Vld25.0704,52 %YesConstituency of Limburg
38DUCARME DenisMR24.9593,42 %YesConstituency of Hainaut
39METSU KoenN-VA24.0172,08 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
40MUYLLE NathalieCD&V23.0672,86 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
41LEYSEN ChristianOpen Vld22.7251,97 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
42TILLIEUX ElianePS21.5147,06 %YesConstituency of Namur
43VAN CAMP YoleenN-VA21.2021,83 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
44REUTER FlorenceMR20.8598,44 %YesConstituency of Walloon Brabant
45TERWINGEN RafCD&V19.8413,58 %YesConstituency of Limburg
46VANDENBROUCKE Jorissp.a19.4931,95 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
47FONCK CatherineCDH19.3332,65 %YesConstituency of Hainaut
48DE WIT SophieN-VA19.2181,66 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
49DIERICK LeenCD&V18.5531,86 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
50KIR EmirPS18.5203,60 %YesConstituency of Brussels-Capital